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Vodafone broadband deals 2023: Switch and save SHEDLOADS of money this October

Vodafone broadband deals are some of the cheapest in the UK and there's a wide selection to pick from

Vodafone broadband deals have a well-earned reputation for being some of the cheapest on the market. If you’re after as much bandwidth bang for your buck as possible, they’re usually a good starting point and there’s a broad range of different plans to choose from.

To help you find the best Vodafone broadband deal for you, we’ve rounded up the three finest offers below via a handy comparison tool, which is automatically updated when new offers hit the market and old ones expire. All you have to do is enter your postcode, select your address, click the blue button and then peruse the plans in your area. Easy peasy.

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Bag a Vodafone broadband BARGAIN today

This is our pick of the Vodafone broadband deals at the moment: an average download speed of 73Mbits/sec, which is enough for a couple of devices to connect at the same time, for an ultra-competitive £25/mth on a two-year contract. That’s one of the most affordable tariffs across the UK broadband market, but get in there quickly because it might not be around for long!

Compare the best Vodafone broadband deals in your area – LIVE!

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Why should you pick a Vodafone broadband deal? 

In our most recent Vodafone review, we praised the company’s low prices and range of tariffs, while highlighting its lacklustre customer service scores and reliability that could be improved. However, the situation is now getting better, leading us to declare that “Vodafone is one to watch”.

If that sounds good and you’d like to take advantage of monthly costs that massively undercut rivals such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky, look no further than these Vodafone broadband deals. With average download speeds from 36Mbits/sec all the way up to 910Mbits/sec, there’s a plan for every user and budget.

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How to choose the best broadband deal for you


When it comes to getting the best broadband, location makes a big difference. The speed and reliability of both fibre and ADSL connections will depend on the quality of the line between you and the nearest streetside cabinet and the distance between your home and the local exchange. Faster full-fibre connections may or may not be available, depending on whether the necessary cabling has been installed in your area. This makes checking your coverage essential, but we’ve made the process as easy for you as possible: simply enter your postcode in the live widget above and you’ll see the available in your neck of the woods.

Contract length

Some broadband contracts still last 12 months, but ISPs are increasingly trying to push new customers towards 18-month or two-year deals. That might be fine if you’re happy with the service, but if you want to jump ship to a faster or cheaper provider, you could be looking at a long wait.

However, Ofcom regulations mean you can now back out of your contract if your provider fails to deliver a promised minimum speed and most providers will allow you to back out of your contract within the first month if you’re not getting what you pay for.

Lifetime costs

All ISPs will bill you on a monthly basis, but if you’re comparing different packages it’s smart to tally up how much you will pay in total over the course of the contract, including any upfront setup fee.

If you’re shopping around for a new ISP, review prices right up until the minute where you sign up. The market is fluid and deals frequently come along that can dramatically reduce the cost of certain contracts or see you get a higher speed for the same price as a lower-cost service.

Keep an eye on what happens after your initial contract term ends, too. Some ISPs hike the price up after the first year or 18 months, sometimes inflating the monthly charge. This is often negotiable, though, if you phone them up and say you’re planning to move to a different provider. If they won’t budge on the price, find an alternative.


ISPs are obliged to advertise average download speeds for their internet packages. These give you a good idea of which packages are faster than others but it doesn’t tell you much about how consistent or reliable the service is.

This allows us to see how the different providers stack up across the board via our handy tool above. Just remember that the speed data from the Ofcom survey refers to the connection speed between the ISP and your router – if your laptop or smartphone is connected over Wi-Fi, that could slow things down.

So how do we go about finding the best Vodafone broadband deals? Here at Expert Reviews, we scrutinise any and every deal to ensure you’re getting the most for your money before recommending it. We’ve outlined our full strategy for finding the best offers in a dedicated article which you can read by clicking on this link.

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