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The best garden shredders to buy in 2023

Cut down on your trips to the tip and forget about the bonfires; bag a garden shredder and do something useful with your waste

The best lawn mowers for smaller gardens
Lawn mowers

You don’t need a massive mower for the average patch. These smaller mowers will be easier to push and store

The best garden secateurs you can buy

Deadhead your roses, chop back your perennials and get your shrubs in shape with the best secateurs for every job

The best plants for hanging baskets 2023

Our pick of the best plants for hanging baskets will add colour, brightness and charm to any garden or window

The best patio cleaners to buy
Cleaning Garden

Away with the algae and goodbye to grime. Here’s how to keep your patio looking fresh – and the best patio cleaners to use

The best garden vacuums you can buy

Raking leaves and sweeping up garden debris will be a thing of the past with our pick of the best garden vacuums

Best seed compost: Specialist blends for your seeds

Give your seeds a running start with our pick of the best peat-free, coir and perlite seed composts

Best ant killer: Eliminate any and every ant infestation

Ants can be a regular nuisance, so stop them in their tracks with a range of powders, sprays, bait stations and humane killers

The Ooni Karu 16 is a near-perfect pizza oven
Pizza ovens

The Karu 16 is a near-perfect pizza oven, if you can afford it

699 inc VAT
Best solar water feature
The best solar water features you can buy

Add a trickling water soundtrack to your days spent outside with our pick of the best solar water features